Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's WORD For Today

Every Friday I'm going to try to feature a word that everybody can incorporate or implement into their lives or bestow the action of that word on someone else. I've decided to just randomly turn to a page in the dictionary and on that page choose the word that will be "Friday's Word" to put into action.

Friday's word for today is, NURTURE. Nuture: to train, upbring or educate. To further in development of. *Source: Webster Collegiate Dictionary

Today, try to nuture or take care of yourself and what is needed for you, or take time to nuture someone who needs encouragement, motivation or nuture inspiration in someone who you've notice that has a gift to be developed in them. Be a mentor and nuture what is good, help bring out the best in someone. When you nuture someone who needs love and care, you are rewarded the satisfaction that you have plant a seed of developing success in that person's life.

Have a great day everybody, and don't forget become a nuturer today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reality Shows

O.K. for some of you who don't know, I am a reality junkie. Some of readers from past blogs probably already know that. One of my favorite reality shows is coming on tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC. By the way when he was on the Bachelorette, I wish Jillian had picked him. I think they would have made a nice couple, but I guess she's happy with Ed, and you gotta do what makes you happy. BTW, did anyone saw the last episode, with one of the contestants being called out for fooling around with one of the staffers of the Bachelor? My, my, my-poor Jake, looks like he's got the worst season of the batchelor shows than the others had. These girls are something else.

So being that I am a reality junkie, I feel that I owe you to confess and tell you all of my favorite reality shows from the first one listed being my most favorite to the last one being my least favorite. Here we go as follows:

1. Big Brother
2. Amazing Race
3. The Apprentice (Donald Trump)
4. The Batchelor/Batchlorette
5. Survivors

That's my list of most fave of reality shows to least fave. What reality shows do you like (the most) and dislike (least favorite)?

Have a great day everybody.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Black People Hair

Hey girls. I recently have been experimenting with my hair. As some of you know or maybe all of you know, a lot of African American women have perms or relaxers. Some have been blessed with natural soft and manageable hair.
Well through my experimenting with my hair. Going natural is not for me. While I like it on other people, I can't do it. I have cut all my relaxed hair off and therefore my hair is now short, natural & somewhat wavy. I like it and all, but it is a challenge to keep up with natural hair. I realize after doing this that I can manage my hair better with it being relaxed. Well at least I can say I tried it and gave it a go. With that said, after a few days of letting my relaxed hair grow out and I've cut the remaining relaxed hair off, gone short and some what liked it-I quickly ran to my phone and made an appointment with my hair dresser. Hello relaxer and easy managing. Good-bye natural beauty and hard work, not to say that relaxers aren't nice, they are a God-sent.
So to all my fellow women of all race and cultures, I salute you with your natural beauty in every are of your lives. What works for you and what makes you happy-"Do It."

Friday's WORD For Today

The word for today is PEACE. Define what that word means for you today and try to incorporate it into your day.

Peace out. Or shall I say Peace in.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I wonder. Will I ever experience it? Where are all the good men? I've been patient and waiting, and let me tell you-I'm not getting any younger. I've been in mood for the past few days. A mood wondering if I'll ever, ever, ever meet the one. My sister said, "just be patient, the right one will come along." O.k. I'm patient, I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waaaaiiiitttttiiiinnnnggg!!! Where is he? She also said, "enjoy your single life girl." Well that all good and well, but I still want a companion to share my life with, my interest, ambitions & vice versa with him to.

Well I'm finish venting and releasing. I just had to get it out. I feel better now.

Until later ya'll.