Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hard Working Entreprenuer

It is quite a lot and hard work to be the only person running a business. You are the owner, sales associate, accountant, and a sole manufacturer with 1 person doing the labor. Right now I can't afford an assistant, so I'm doing everything myself. While it is fun and I enjoy having my own business and getting up in the morning and doing what I love to do-is very rewarding. Right now I'm working on a business newsletter/flyer what my business is about, and my next project is putting together a catalog of all my handmade-custom jewelry and lap throws. These lap throws and babby blankets and such is already listed on my website "Bountiful Treasures" .
Truly even listing products and such is a lot of work. In my shop I mostly sell items I hand make, at least 80% of it. 20% is other retail items, such as cookbooks, novels, prayer journals.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I'm also the stocker and label pricing person. I love building my business, but I do hope soon that I can make enough money to hire an assistant. I'll keep you inform on that. I'll be showning some of my new jewelry creations soon, and I'm going to design some nice bracelets to be sold for only $5.00 soon, and who knows there maybe a small give away coming up soon.
Has anyone just started their own business? and if so, have you considered hiring an assistant?

Working for myself has been a long life dream since I was a little girl, and being a hard working entreprenuer does has it's perks.

Saturday, February 13, 2010