Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Hey everybody, Christmas is only a few weeks away. I know everybody is already in the Christmas Spirit, and if some of you have not already put up and decorate your Christmas Tree, I know some of you already have.

Our Christmas tradition is just that, we usually take the tree down after Thanksgiving and decorate it. As we all decorate inside the house, outside the house and the tree, we put on some Christmas music, pour everyone some egg nog and get to work. Sing jolly ole Christmas songs, busying ourselves like little elves. We always have a blast. During Christmas Eve, my father always grill out, and we enjoying being in the crisp winter air by the fire. It is so nice, it's during those moments when we really take the time to enjoy family, friends & love ones. Tell you the truth, I think that's what traditions bring out of us, the real meaning of each of those Holidays.

So what's your Christmas tradition(s)? What do you do together as a family that brings out those great moments and memories that will not be forgotten?

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy time with your family and friends.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Say Thank You

When someone does something for me that's sweet, I always make it a point to say thank you. I sent a blogger a subscription to a nice magazine that I though this blogger would have loved. Not a word or a thank you. Honestly, I could have spent my money on other important things. All they have to do is get in contact with me. But now I know, I wouldn't do that again. What I view from this, is that they obviously don't appreciate it. No more, you don't have to worry about me anymore.

What inconsideration they had. Wow, ungrateful.

Keep it real everybody and show someone you appreciate the nice things they do for you by saying, "thank you."

Have a blessed Thankful-Thanksgiving everybody.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Things of Life I Like

My Top 10 things of life that I like are:

10-Nature (All thing made by God is beautiful in their on right)
9-My Artistic side of being an artist
8-A business woman
7-Having a sound mind
6-Knowledge (and the ability to learn more)
5. My home
3-Loving my parents (they sacraficed a lot for me & my siblings) & my siblings [Family & Friends]
2-My child
1-Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior

What are your top ten things randomly, that you like and/or love?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Enjoy some hot chocolate tonight everybody. As it gets cold and the wonderful holidays are approaching. Take time out for yourself and enjoy a nice cup of sweet hot chocolate. Afterwards enjoy a good book or craft a gift for someone.
These sugesstions are just a courtesy from your proud sponsor of someone who thinks you need some love. Have a good and warm evening everybody.
I'm off to get some hot chocolate and read one of my favorite books, "Little Women," by Louisa May Alcott. Then as my loving sugesstion stated above, I'm going to start crocheting a gift to give to a love one for Christmas. Oh, but don't forget about your thankfulness of family and love. Make sure you get your Thanksgiving dinner in order, and have fun while you make out your menu, cook and bake with family & friends.
Enjoy your hot chocolate.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holiday Bonanza

The holiday seasons has begun. I woke up this morning and felt Christmas in the air. No, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving. It was just the smell of the fun holidays arriving. Thanksgiving & Christmas are the 2 most favorite holidays I like to celebrate. Of course the next favorite holiday of mine is Valentines Day. Who doesn't love love? I love the winter holidays, because of the traditions that is involved. New ones to be made and making them with family and friends. It's the joyous occasions where people can reflect on what their thankful for and appreciate God for the getting them through tough times. Especially these times. The holidays help bring you to a peace of mind, and it helps to you realize that my problems are not bigger than God. It reminds us that God is still with us and He has never left us.

The Holidays bring about a new restoration of love for mankind and reconciliation with family and friends. The Holiday Bonanza starts when we give of ourselves to the less fortunate and help those who are in need. The best thing about it, is that this act of kindness can be done everyday, and year round. We don't have to wait until the Holidays, but if we've forgotten at least the Holidays that are approaching us now always keeps us reminded.

Happy Holidays everyone and reflect and think about what or how you can bring about the Holiday cheer to those who really need a cheer. There's no time like now during this time to pass on that cheer, joy and love to people today. "May the love of Christ abide in you all."

Stay Crafty & especially stay Loving.