Thursday, July 29, 2010

Entreprenuerial Spirit Thursday's

The economy has been slowly, but gradually taking an insy winsy turn of some improvement. Yet I have noticed that little by little their are people still striving for that American dream of owning their own business. While some businesses, sadly though, are closing. There are others beginning a new venture of opening ones. For the entreprenuer community, I'd like to say keep pursuing and building your dreams. Don't give up! Even if it looks like it will never happen, trust God that it can. Pray and ask the Lord for direction and guidance. There's always opportunities out there waiting for those who will take that next step or leap of FAITH.

The word for Today, for all fellow entreprenuers and entreprenuers at heart is PERSISTANCE.

If your looking for encouragement and support in your dreams & goals, check back every Thursday for, "Entreprenuerial Spirit Thursday's," ...that is if I can keep up every Thursday. Hopefully these post will keep me on my toes as a business owner and entreprenuer my self.

Happy Thursday everbody,
Crafty Ann

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