Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having Tea With the Ladies of England

Here's a sweet give away to enter at The T-Cozy Blog. the author of this blog is a sweet lady name Susan. I came across her blog for about a year now. I love reading her blog, and when I visit, it's like going to a bakery or going to visit with a friend to have some tea. Her posts are always warm, interesting and inviting. She is hosting a give away, and to enter is really simple. to find out more and to enter on time, go to the link posted above, and Get Your Cozy On.

Now here's my submission Susan for the contest, and thank you for invite to enter.

Cozy to me means watching a good British movie, like "Sense & Sensibility", "Ladies in Lavender", or "Enchanted April" and sipping some herbal Apple Cinnamon tea-getting comfortable under my favorite pink blanket my sister gave me. This is my me time, it is never to be disturbed by anyone. I don't take phone calls or schedule anything other than getting comfortable and relaxing. This to me is Cozy Heaven. Getting cozy allows me to take care of myself, taking a break from all worries and concerns of life. It keeps me sane and sound emotionally and physically. Really it does. If I don't take care of myself, and my family depends on me to take care of them, through supporting, encouraging, inspiring and nuturing them, who will? If I'm stressed, they undoubtedly are affected by it, by worrying about me, so the cozy time I take to sip my tea and get away to England for a few hours helps me to nuture myself and in return I can healthfully and helpfully nuture my family. This is what cozy means to me.


  1. Dear Ann,
    Thanks so much for entering my contest! Your "me" time sounds very cozy indeed!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Thank you Susan. My me time is one of the ways I can get away from all the world's worries.

  3. I so agree with your idea of "cozy" and join you in spirit!

  4. Thank you Sarah. I hope you enjoy your tea time as much as I do.