Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Sellabration

This month I'm planning a "Spring Sellabration." I like to plan this event every year in celebration of Spring and to introduce some of my new products I'm selling in my shop, along with my new designs of jewelry pieces that I have been working on.

In this picture, the necklace has an African theme going on. It can be worn by a man or woman. It's designed with wooden beads and stringed on hemp cord. I really dig this.

This is my favorite color, and it's similar to the color of my birthstone. This necklace is made with chalk turquoise 10x5 to 10x6 mm flat rectangle and 12 x5 to 13x 7 mm rectangle. This set has a matching pair of earrings & bracelets

I call this necklace "Queen of Wisdom." I love this, because it seems to portray a woman's strength. This necklace is made with wooden beads as well and stringed on hemp cords.

Out on an elegant evening say's this necklace set with the matching earrings. These are made with glass beads. It says, "sharp & edgy" Loovve it!!!

"Bursts of sunshine, and a silver linning in the clouds." This jewelry set set the mood for calm effect and puts you in the mood for a light luncheon.

"Let's go shopping," maybe for flowers. This set reminds me of a playful, colorful garden. This piece is a casual set to wear to just go shopping with friends and have afternoon tea later. Have you ever notice how your art, whatever your medium is, speaks to you? It's the creative mind speaking to us, pushing us to create without rules and think outside the box.
So this is some of my Spring Collection that I'm showcasing at my Spring Sellabration event, I'm having this month. It's been a lot of work preparing and getting things together, making sure that everything is in order, but it has truly been exciting and fun. I still have a few more loose ends to tie up, and I'm pretty sure that even getting very close to time of the event, there will be something that needs to be done.
Hope everyone celebrates Spring in some form or another, and enjoy the harvest of warmth, new life and in nature's beauty it brings.

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